Richard Deverell Freelance Illustrator

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Cartoon illustrations add excitement and humour in books, educational material, publications, packaging and advertising. The cartoonist Richard Deverell's work is suited to any medium.. READ MORE

Graphic Artist

Strong line work is one of the main features of graphic illustration that is the hallmark of the freelance illustrator Richard Deverell. He draws his inspiration from ancient and modern images... READ MORE

Freelance Artist

Every illustrator has a unique style, and the choice of a freelance artist to meet a client's very specific requirements is much easier now they can access illustration portfolios online... READ MORE

Caricature Artist

If you need a caricature artist for an article or cover, or just something personal as a memento, Richard Deverell will work from life or from photographs. Caricatures are fun and challenging to draw...READ MORE

Editorial Illustration

Magazine and newspaper editors need to source photographs and illustrations to spice up the page and to work alongside the words to communicate the full story. Richard has worked for many publications in a variety of styles...READ MORE

Book Illustrators

The freelance illustrator Richard Deverell is inspired by the work of Edmund Dulac, William Heath Robinson, Arthur Rackham and Hergé. He has illustrated over 70 book titles... READ MORE

Childrens Book Illustrators

Make your way to the children's section in any bookshop and you will be overwhelmed by the variety and artistic talent displayed in the work of children's illustrators... READ MORE

Commercial Illustration

The role of the commercial artist is to produce graphic illustration that fulfils a function, usually in advertising. The images need to work to convey a message either to the buying public, or one business to another... READ MORE

"Richard's bold, bright and beautiful illustrations which are an integral part of the International Children's Bible have delighted generations of children for almost 20 years. They are without doubt some of the most instantly recognisable images in any Children's Bible available today"
Malcolm Down, Authentic Media