About Richard

Richard has been drawing pictures all his life.

“As a young boy I used to spend many happy hours with my cousin Geoff, drawing complicated medieval battle scenes across the pages of a large desk-diary.

Perhaps this laid the foundation for my future work – drawing busy pictures with lots of people and funny things going on.”

At age 16 he left school and went to work in the legendary Charles Daniels Studio in London, where he rose from the position of pot and brush washer to Studio Manager in 7 years, a former incumbent of this position being another Charlie, a pretty good drummer who left to join the Rolling Stones.
Richard learned graphic design, producing packaging designs for blue chip companies including Marks and Spencer. It was here that he became skilled in hand drawn lettering.
He now works as a freelance illustrator from a studio at his home with views across the beautiful, historic city of Bath.
Richard's heroes are Arthur Rackham, Edmund Dulac and Hergé. He is also an accomplished guitarist as well as a committed Christian.